A Scientific Guide to Biohacking and Life Extension

Increase the quantity, and quality, of your life

Eat Real Food. Avoid stuff that comes wrapped in plastic.

Exercise every day. This need not take place in a gym (though it can). The key is to move your body.

Sleep 8 hours — at night.

Enjoy nature. The more time you can spend outdoors in greenspace, the better.

Call your friends and family. A sense of rootedness and belonging will help not only you but also them.

Avoid most supplements — hardly any of them help, and some may cause harm.

Don’t smoke cigarettes. If you do, seek professional help to quit.


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Brad Stulberg writes about health and the science of human performance. He is a columnist at New York Magazine and Outside Magazine.

Bestselling author of Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. Co-Creator of The Growth Equation. Coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and MDs.

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